Sinead Campbell


Bradford, United Kingdom


Pop, 80's, Synthpop



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Modern Lovers - Sinead Campbell
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This artist brings a vision to life with style, flare, movement and energy. Sinead is a singer/ songwriter from Bradford. She deeply values other artists that carve their own route with ingenuity, personality and something to say! Inspired by Lana Del Ray, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Neneh Cherry, David Bowie and an early Janet Jackson; Sinead Campbell has brought together strong vocals with an 80's retro synthpop slant.
"This is my path; I want to inspire and subtly communicate messages whilst celebrating goodvibes and mindfulness. I am a freethinker. When I perform it's so important to me that people feel elated and join the same frequency I'm on in that moment. Ultimately my music is lighthearted and fun. However, there are hidden messages to be unraveled, these go deeper than you first anticipate."  
In the Spring of 2014 she started to develop her vision and ideas around her music, and she is now in a position to launch! Sinead has 10 years experience performing within the arts including theatre and dance. She delved into a personal journey of discovery that saw her travel through the highlands of Scotland before being drawn towards the allure of France, which is where her lyrical development started. Sinead has a healthy obsession with living life to the full and relishes new experiences. Her love for physical expression, affordibly seeps into her performance and style; it has moulded her into the liberal artist that she is now. 
 “Being a female in a male dominated industry, I want to stand tall and let my voice  be heard. I hope to inspire young women to follow career paths that may also be recognised for this. If you really want something you hold the power inside yourself to make it happen; you don’t need to let your background restrict you: let it motivate you more. You are the only one stopping yourself. I believe in the law of attraction and manifesting goals into reality. There is a great deal of power in the vibration of your thoughts and attitude." 
Now stepping out to perform her first show, with the accompaniment of her band, developed from her debut EP Roses. She encourages her audience to: 
'Bring your senses to life, journey, vibe.. move with me.' 
"I like to move, to feel, I want to bring people into a space where they can escape from the day to day rotation: re-adapt it. Take a snapshot from my mind, experience sights, sounds, smells and interact. I am not insinuating that people aren’t usually engaged at performances, but I want people to be fully immersed at my performances, fully present with me and the audience, in mind body and spirit. This to me is liberating, and that kind of an experience is one of the joys in life right?!"

"Independant Singer/ Songwriter Sinead Campbell has sent us a tantalising teaser of her upcoming EP Roses and it certainly does not dissapoint! She has not only provided us with infectious rhythms to make you want to dance but her EP also gives a wonderful Synth-pop sound, sublime vocals: feeling retro and 80's in parts, but at the same time modern and relevant."
Pete Singleton- Yorkshire Gig Guide. 

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